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Interview with the Cheapest Escorts of London

Interview with the Cheapest Escorts of London

People have a lot of misconceptions about escorts and that is why we interviewed some of the cheapest escorts in London to bust myths and help people understand the value of escorts in modern society.

Why did you become an escort?

We enjoy the company of discerning gentlemen and love excitement. We felt that escorting was the right career choice. It allows us to meet people, get pampered, and have a lot of fun. Escorting is about companionship, and as escorts, we offer companionship to lonely gentlemen. Anything else that happens between an escort and a client is between consenting adults.

What do you expect as an escort?

All Hendon escorts want to be treated with respect and dignity. We are service providers and believe we are important contributors to society. When men want companionship, they seek us out and we go out of our way to fulfill their wishes and desires.

We make fantasies come true. We love to spend time with clients who are gentle, kind, and compassionate. Such clients do not judge us; instead, they respect us and appreciate our empathy, admire our personalities, and are keen to spend time with us. They realise that we perform a vital service and give us credit for it.

Is it better to work with an agency or as an independent escort?

We work an escort agency in Redbridge and it is better working with the agency than being an independent escort. The agency handles appointments, markets us, and manages all the backend work, like vetting clients and getting to know their requirements. An independent escort has to manage every aspect of the business and it can be very time-consuming and hectic.

Also, independent escorts are viewed suspiciously. However, as an agency escort, especially if you are working for a reputed agency like ours, clients repose trust and faith in you. It is a relaxing experience as we do not have to worry about anything other than taking care of ourselves and preparing for appointments.

How much do escorts earn?

The amount an escort earns is proportionate to the number of hours she works. We are cheap escorts in London and that means we do not charge a bomb for our services. We are quite affordable but offer high-quality escort services.

Cheap does not necessarily translate to substandard services. A cheap escort can earn anywhere from £1,000 a week to more than that, depending on the number of hours she dedicates to the work each day. This is a ballpark figure and the actual amount that the cheapest escorts earn can be higher or lower.

What is your advice to girls who want to become escorts?

Escorting is genuine work. You should get into this line of work only if you are comfortable being with men, and most men expect intimate services. It is best to align with a reputed escort agency and in the initial days, the agency will guide you and even help you develop your profile. You can decide your rates, and it is best to start low and gradually build up your rate as you get more clients.

Remember, to service your clients in such a way that they keep coming back. As your demand increases, you can increase the rate. That is how new Barking escorts start and then develop a fan following and do not have a shortage of work.

Do you enjoy being an escort?

Yes, we enjoy being escorts as during our work, we have met wonderful clients who are genuinely caring and nice. Many clients have ended up becoming regulars and they discuss their work and personal life with us. Some other clients realise how hard we work and often tip us handsomely to show their appreciation.

Working with an escort agency gives you peace of mind knowing that just genuine clients will book your services. We are not afraid for our safety, and even during the lockdown, the agency was helpful. So, yes, we enjoy being escorts and would not dream of being part of any other industry.

In Conclusion

This was a brief interview with the cheapest escorts in London. Now, you know what they feel about their work, and how they want their clients to treat them. This interview is also an eye-opener for girls who want to enter the escort industry. It puts things into perspective and allows them to decide whether this is the line of work they want to get into.

Written on: 20 Jul 2020 by admin