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Tips on Maximizing Pleasure Time with Escorts

Tips on Maximizing Pleasure Time with Escorts

The sexual pleasure you experience while dating an escort is beyond anything you could ever imagine.

A gratifying sexual relationship makes you feel happy, in control, and energized. Most high-end escorts know how to provide ultimate sexual pleasure, but do you know how to prolong your time with an escort to get the best sexual pleasure from your date? Babe Collection is a professional escort agency determined to help you do just that.

Here, we’ll look at handy tips and tricks to enhance and extend pleasure with your escort at any London escort hotel to attain maximum sexual pleasure.

First, Go On a Date

A date with an escort is very much like a date with any other woman. To make it memorable and get her in the mood, spend a romantic evening with your lady. It is one of the best ways to prolong your time and pleasure with her. Go out to a nice dinner and treat your date with respect, and you’ll have an excellent experience with her.

Most men don't spend time with an escort solely for sexual pleasure; they share their thoughts, worries, and needs. Food can also act as an aphrodisiac to get both of you primed and ready for a wild evening. Pick choices like oysters and chocolate, which are both proven to improve sexual libido. Spending time out on a date will help alleviate your nerves and impress your date, giving you an intimate opportunity to get to know her better.

You will gain the confidence to initiate your sexual experience naturally since, by the time the date is over, you'll both have an idea of what you like and don't like.

Ensure Privacy

One of the essential factors to consider is where you and your escort will spend the night. For the experience to be a success, you must ensure privacy, luxury, and comfort in a suitable hotel room or other accommodation.

Most agencies provide outcall-only services and require you to host your escort. Most girls who offer escort services prefer hotel rooms over private accommodations for their safety, comfort, and privacy.

Choose escort-friendly hotels that are pleasant so your escort can satisfy you without worry. If you don't want people to see you with your date, arrange for room service well in advance and notify the hotel reception staff of her arrival so that they can usher her into your room discreetly.

Keep an Open Mind

Once your date gets underway, maintain an open mind to avoid awkward moments. The best way to experience the maximum sexual pleasure from your escort is to avoid fantasizing about other things and just let her do her thing. After all, you did select her from several other girls, so chances are she knows what to do to satisfy you.

Highly-trained escorts follow instructions well and are highly adaptable. She will most likely change her technique to suit your preferences if her initial moves do not pleasure you in the way you desire. They are also very intuitive and will know how to relax you to ensure that you receive maximum sexual pleasure.

Use Foreplay Strategically

Escorts know what foreplay means to you. They understand you have paid for a service and expect to receive a unique and memorable experience. As part of the date, foreplay can extend the pleasure you both receive from each other and make every second count.

Enjoy foreplay to the max to get your money's worth; touching, caressing, and experimenting with food and props are excellent techniques to ramp up the temperature. You will both be primed for the main act and ready to experience penetration in the most sensual way.

Explore New Positions

Chances are your escort is well-trained in exploring and performing different sex positions. Escorts have an innate desire to try out new things and give their clients unique, first-time experiences.

Relax and go with the flow when it comes to trying out new sex positions. If your escort tells you to do something, listen to her; it will most likely lead to maximum pleasure experienced by you and her simultaneously.

Prolong Orgasm

Part of prolonging sexual pleasure is to delay orgasms. Most professional escorts are trained in techniques such as stop-and-start, intermittent kissing, and strategic touching to ensure that you both enjoy the penetration and delay early orgasms.

Doing these techniques a few times during the main act of penetration will delay your climax and ensure that you enjoy your time together for as long as possible. Professional escorts go on dates to ensure you enjoy your sexual experience.

An escort's primary goal is to get you to book her again, so she'll be more than happy to please you to secure another date with you in the future.

Written on: 10 Dec 2020 by admin